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Discussion 11: It’s Not Over!

  Hi, this is Sheena with CampusJobXpress and this is Discussion #11. In response to our discussion last week, we got a letter and I am going to read it to you now. It is called My Past, My Future. Actually, the title of it is It Is Not Over. It comes with a quote […]

Discussion 10: Upcoming Events

Hello, this is Melvin. Today’s Job Club, I want to talk to you about the upcoming job events. We have a job event on the 26th at the Heart of Texas Council of Governments Building at 1415 South New Road. It will be from 9 to 2 pm. Please remember that this is by invitation […]

Communication Malfunction! Help!

by Marrisa Maldonado There are two key oral communication skills that most people struggle with and they are active listening and providing feedback. Have you ever had a discussion with someone and told them, “Hey, you’re not listening to me!” even though they have a response to everything you say? I think that everyone has been […]

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

by Melvin Collins, Jr Have you ever received your paycheck at the end of a grueling work period and you take a peek at your earnings and you just want to ask, “Who is this guy FICA and why is he taking my money?” We are going to take a look at a typical paycheck […]

Taking Advantage of Seasonal Jobs

by Sheena Williams Ahh holiday time! The sounds of tingling bells and children’s laughter! The presents, the calendar that says it’s August… What? August? I know what you’re thinking. The holidays are a long way off, but for retail and restaurants, the season is starting now! They are gearing up for the holiday season by […]

So, You Didn’t Get The Job

by Sheena Williams So you have waited and waited, and found that you were not selected for that position you felt you were so perfect for and really wanted. You spent time and stress on a job that didn’t come through, and now you’re wondering……. Take a Deep Breath — First and foremost, relax. The […]

Company-Sponsored Events

by Sheena Williams Oh look! You’ve been invited to the company’s holiday party! Wait! Maybe, it’s a job- related cook out. Wait, wait… is that conference? Whatever the occasion, maybe they all have one thing in common, and it’s that they are all work-related. Sometimes, or even often, depending upon your job, you will be […]

Discussion 9: Video Posting Update

Video Update! (Note: Being that this is our first video post, please bear with us and give us feedback so that we can improve.) Good morning everyone, this is our first video post so let us know if you are able to view it and hear it okay. Our discussion question for you today is […]

Discussion 8: Open Discussion

OPEN DISCUSSION   This week is an open discussion about what’s own your mind? I would like to start the discussion with a few general statements.   The Job Club is a place where each one of us can share job search experiences and opportunities. Each week, I would like for you to post one […]

Need Help?

NEED HELP? by Sheena Williams and Yoli Salazar   “Help, I need somebody!” It’s a popular song, but there are days when you truly need help. There are times when you are stuck in a place where you aren’t sure what to do. So, have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder if there is […]


By Yolanda L Salazar I hope you had time to take the small test we provided in Job Club Discussion #7, Punctuation on August 29, 2012. The comments were varied. Some felt it was rather easy and they felt good that they had done pretty well. Others indicated that it was more difficult than the […]