By Sheena Williams

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! That’s right, hearts, flowers, candy and cards!  It’s a chance to re-connect with those you love, whether you are in a relationship or not. It’s a chance to show someone that you appreciate them for being in your life and sticking it out with you through thick and thin. We know that some of you still have not have fully recovered from the holidays, so we are going to give you some inexpensive, but nice things for you to do for those you care about!

valentines-cards1Homemade Cards — You can do a lot with a sheet of paper and some simple dollar store items. Make a card with a personal message inside. Not poet lariat? Get online and find a quote or message that explains what it is that you want to say perfectly. It’s not about having that symbol at the bottom of your card that shows you care, it’s about the words in the card that express how much you care that shows it.

Artificial-Rose---JC6013-1331527269-0Artificial Roses — So, everyone in your hunny bunny’s office is showing off their expensive bouquets of roses and other assorted flowers. Well, with some felt, construction paper or red gift wrap, you can create a beautiful bunch of flowers that  will not only be the envy of everyone in the office, but it will be something that your love bug can keep long past after everyone else has thrown their flowers away!

Homemade Candy — For pennies on the dollar, you can create candies and treats to give to your loved ones! You can get chocolate-covered pretzels, courtesy of the dollar store or you can make pralines right from your own kitchen.  Maybe you want to make cupcakes so that he/she can pass them out among their co-workers or family. This is something really easy to do on your valentines to-do list.

Hope Lutheran picnicDo Something Special — If the one you cherish is having a hard time with something, offer to spend Valentine’s Day helping them out. Maybe they need help in the garden or maybe they need help in having their tools reorganized. Whatever it is you do, make it fun! Make sandwiches and soda and make an afternoon or a  night of it. Go to the park and stargaze, should the weather permit. Just being together on Valentine’s Day will brighten up even the gloomiest day.

romantic-dinner-at-homeMake Dinner — Candles, tablecloths, music and food… I’m not sure what else you need to say or do that means I love you, but that works for me! Taking the time to make dinner for the one you love shows that you care and that you want them to be happy. You want them to put up their feet and relax.

valentines-chocolateFree Events — Most cities have holiday-themed events, and Valentine’s Day is definitely a holiday! Go to a club and dance the night away. Go and listen to jazz in an off-the-beaten path lounge. Maybe someone is doing some poetry readings. You don’t have to spend money to make the day special, and it’s not only something to do for them, but it’ll be a stress reliever for you at the same time!

Whatever you do, make sure that you put your all into it. Your significant other is there supporting you and ensuring that everything is falling into place around you. They help keep the “crazies” at bay (unless you are the crazy, then, they just love you instead), and that should give you that fluttery feeling in your chest. Don’t half way do it; put all the love that you feel into whatever you do. If they are your significant other or your “bestie,” then, they deserve everything you do for them, right? Δ