By Sheena Williams


There are times when you need a doo-hickey, a whatchamacallit or a thingamabob. There are times when you are searching for something, and it makes your day even better when you find it. Sometimes there’s a mishap and you need to get it cleaned up before your boss gets there, or before someone you know sees you. As we might not be able to supply you with all of these things, we can help you get a kit together so that you can do quick touch-ups, or fix a mess before it becomes a catastrophe! All of these things can be found for a dollar or less at your local store. Think travel sizes.


For Everyone!

Mirror — Last minute checks, is your makeup smudged, is there something in your teeth, or is your hair in place? Your mirror has got you covered! Not only does it allow you to check on your appearance, it allows you to see who is coming up behind you in your cubical or workstation. Don’t leave yourself open for a surprise.mirror

Toothpicks — It’s after breakfast or maybe after lunch and you may have something stuck in your teeth. Rather than let it bother you forever, get it taken care of. No sense meeting your new partner with spinach in your teeth! Yuck!

chewing-gumBreath Mints or Gum — Not only does gum make your breath minty fresh, but it’s a good way to keep from snacking, and it helps you think. It is said that 76% of gum chewers stay focused on tasks longer than those non-chewers! Who doesn’t need that extra bit of concentration?

Deodorant — A travel size deodorant doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it can make a big impact on your day. You may find yourself having to move around a lot or sometimes stress makes you sweat. Having small items like these in your possession will keep you from stressing about your appearance (or smell) when your employer comes knocking.

hsnacksHealthy Snacks — Let’s face it. You are going to snack at your place of work. It’s unavoidable. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, there is a large chance that there is food available at all times of day. Having healthy snacks on hand will keep you from munching on cookies and candy all day! Unless you want to, then by all means!

Stress Ball — You’re at work. You need the stress ball! There are going to be times when you are really stressed out. Though we can’t stop the stress from finding you, we can suggest something that will take the focus off the stress. Stress balls not only work your arm muscles, but they also let you focus on something other than your stressors.stress-balls

Instant Coffee or Tea — Is it morning and you’re still a little groggy? Maybe you’re a little stressed and a quick cup of chamomile will take the edge off. Whatever the reason. having these items easily available will ensure that you don’t have to go looking for them later!

A Small Book of Inspirational Sayings — There are times when you have to remember why it’s worth it. You may be having a hard day at work or things are just not going your way. Having a little something that can uplift you can really work magic for your day!

A Nail File — You laugh, but there have been numerous times a nail file has served as a screw driver in a pinch. Maybe you need to open a stubborn bag of peanuts. Think outside of the box when building your kit.Nail_file

Hand Sanitizer — Every day is the day for flu and colds. You shake hands, handle people’s money, touch tools that have been used by others. If you can’t go wash your hands right way, hand sanitizer will hold you over until you get there!

Clean Up Wipes — Everyone can have a clumsy moment now and then. You spill a soda, drop some spaghetti on your uniform, or maybe your keyboard is dusty. Whatever the case, disinfectant wipes will get you on the road to recovery!

chapstickChapstick — You are going to be doing a lot of smiling. Make sure you can do it without splitting your lip, ouch! Not only does Chapstick give you smooth lips, it makes it 5 times easier to smile!


These are just starter suggestions for your kit. Everyone’s box is going to be a little different depending on what you’re doing for a living. Maybe you have an extra outfit, or maybe even a pair of weights so you can pump some iron while you wait on something to load on the computer. Maybe you have a bandana that you can tie around your forehead to keep sweat from getting in your eye. Whatever the case, maybe a kit can make your day a little easier, and everyone has time for that! △