I know you have probably heard it all with regard to interviews. Well, I am here to share just one more, or two maybe, items for you to ponder as you prepare for your interview.

First, we always have to think about our form of dress and appearance. Your appearance is the key to success. The main issue most people have with getting a job isn’t their background checks or history; it’s all because of their appearance and what they chose to wear to an interview.

DressYou want to go into an interview with just a bit of degree higher than you would look if you were actually going to work there everyday. When going to interview, you should have a look preferred by the employer. You want to go a bit beyond that look. Ladies, short skirts or revealing dresses will not give the right impression. Gentlemen, showing off your abs with really tight clothes won’t do it either.

postureHow you dress isn’t the only thing to affect you securing a well paying job. Your body language and posture are major factors as well. Walk with your head held high and your back straight.

When you are waiting or during the interview, you need to sit with your back straight and your hands placed in your lap. It’s not good to fidget or tap your fingers while in the waiting room or during your interview.

Many people have issues with being able to sit still for a long period of time.

A really good tip on being able to sit still for a good bit of time is to practice sitting a certain way at home to see how you are most comfortable sitting.

speakingYour speaking is also a major factor in getting hired. You need to have the correct usage of words. You should pronounce each word so the employer or your interviewer can understand you and know what it is you are trying to say. You should not chew gum or have anything in your mouth at the time of your interview.

When you are speaking, make sure your points are valid and believable. Never rattle on and on giving the impression that you are uneducated or uninformed. You want them to believe you are as intelligent as you appear. A word you should never use during your interview is “ain’t.” Even though “ain’t” is in the English dictionary and is used as a non-standard term, it really has no use in the conversation when you are interviewing for a job. If you have to use big words, ensure that you know how to use them properly and make sure that you know what they mean.

handshakeWhen you shake the hand of the person who is interviewing you, make sure you shake their hand firmly and not wimpy. You don’t want to leave your interviewer with the thought that they were just holding a dead fish. Make your shake warm and energetic, but don’t break anyone’s fingers. When you see your interviewer approaching, stand up and move toward them. You should definitely make eye contact with them as you introduce yourself.

shake handsFirmly shake their hand and remember to keep either a smiling face or at least a pleasant looking face. After they introduce themselves, make sure that you respond with “Very nice to meet you Mr./Ms. ____.” Repeating their name allows you to remember who you are dealing with and it will help you know their name should you need to call back and ask about the status of your interview or in sending a thank you note after the interview.

Also remember to do your research on the company prior to going to the interview. It always helps to know something about the company and their policies before you go on the interview. If you get hired with this company, you want to ensure that it is going to be a position that you really wanted and a company that is within your realm of desires, needs and wants.

Check out locations, benefits, history, policies, staff and anything else you can find out about the company. Be well informed and you will succeed!

By Ayunne Collins