Discussion 33: Interviewing Continutation

This is the question we ask you all to answer last week in Discussion 32:

Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene

2. Overemphasis on money

3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

4. Did not ask questions

5. Late to interview

The following is the answer given by the author of the book Interviewing Skills:

“If you guessed #4, you are correct! Job applicants who donʼt ask questions make

interviewers lose confidence in them and it makes them feel that you might not possess

the ability to take on a job as great as the one he is offering you. So, remember to have

your questions ready.”

However, it is our belief at CampusJobXpress that the answer should be all of the above.

We found all of your answers very informative, well thought out, and applaud the way you

answered. The following is the remainder of the discussion from the author and we

welcome your thoughts and opinions.

“Now, back to what other situations interviewers view

negatively during a job interview. Make sure you donʼt do any of these:

• Late to the interview (Big No-No)

• Personal appearance that is unprofessional

• Overbearing, overaggressive or egotistical behavior

• Lack of positive purpose

• Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

• Lack of interest and enthusiasm —passive and indifferent

• Lack of confidence and poise, nervousness

• Over emphasis on compensation

• Evasiveness, making excuses for unfavorable factors in work history

• Lack of tact, maturity and courtesy

• Condemnation of past employers, managers, projects or technologies

• Inability to carry on a conversation

• Lack of commitment to fill the position at hand

• Failure to ask questions about the position

• Persistent attitude of “What can you do for me?”

• Inability to take criticism

• Indecisive, cynical, or lazy

• Lack of preparation for the interview—failure to get information about

the company resulting in inability to ask intelligent questions.

Employers hire people they like; they do not hire people they do not like.

Therefore — first and foremost— be likable and create a good first

impression on your interview. People get hired — experience alone does


Discussion 32: And The Most Important Interviewing Skill Is?

With last week’s topic still in our thoughts we would like to continue the discussion. An important question to ask ourselves: What is important to the employer during an interview? We prepare ourselves for the questions we will be asked during an interview but we don’t always know if and how we went wrong. Have a look at the following question. Do you know the answer? Tell us what you think and then review more information on the subject, as well as the answer, in the article: NEGATIVE FACTORS EVALUATED BY AN INTERVIEWER


Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene

2. Overemphasis on money

3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

4. Did not ask questions

5. Late to interview


This topic has received much interest which says to us that further action is needed. For those interested, we may be holding a seminar type class to refresh interviewing skills and go over the do’s and do not’s of interviewing. If you would like to participate in this please email us at Rachel@campusjobxpress.com by 02-27-2013.


Quick Note: If you have found employment, please be sure to notify us and mark yourself as working on your Campusjobxpress.com Profile. Thank you.


Discusssion 31: Dressing for success!

Are you really ready for a job? We tell ourselves that we are ready to work, and that we will do anything to get the job of our dreams. We study up on new technology. We brush up on our interview skills and practice in front of a mirror. Although, when the time comes to interview our shoes do not match. Our hair is out of place. We don’t believe that we need to iron our clothes. We self sabotage our chances of getting that job by ignoring the details that come with the interviewing process. We lost that job because we didn’t look ourselves over well enough. We decided to eat a greasy hamburger before the interview. All of these things can contribute to the make or break of the image that we project to others. Are you ready to interview? At the end of the day we all have the responsibility of presenting who we are and how we look to a future employer. Saying ” John Doe doesn’t dress like that”, or “I’ve seen the people in the office…” is a cop-out for not doing what you know needs to be done. They have a job, and they can afford to be relaxed. Can you?  If you’re not sure of what to wear go online or find an up to date fashion magazine. You can look presentable and comfortable.



Discussion 30: Job Event and Showcase

As we work on finding employers for you to apply to for employment, check your resumes and update your Work In Texas Profile. We would like to give you material that is thought-provoking. The following is for you to think about and check if you are taking the right approach for yourself.
We do not endorse the author of this site but like the message. Do not feel that you need to join this site because we are showing it to you. This is not our purpose.
Our Job Events are coming soon, on February 13th, a Job Fair and an Employer Showcase. You should have a resume and we would like to review it as soon as you will permit. The showcase allows for you to interview, if you qualify.
We are now posting new items on Campusjobxpress.com many times a week. You will now see information on employers we are interviewing to provide you the information you need to decide if you would like to apply for employment with a particular employer.
Please enjoy this article.



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Screening can assist in matching you to an available job positionoffered by an employer atending the Invite-Only Showcase Event.

The following positions are avaialble for screening:

Psychiatric Nursing Assitant (A Degree is Not Required-Will Train)

Salesman/Public Relations for a Hydraulic/Water Pump Company

Office Manager (Property Management Experience a Plus)

General Managers for the Food Service Industry (Benefits Offered)


Production Machinery Operator

If any one is interested in interviewing for one or more of these position send an email immediately to Rachel@campusjobxpress.com, and express which position(s) you would like to be screened for.